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Residential Disposal Compositions for California Regions Commercial Waste Streams The numbers and types of businesses in a jurisdiction determine its commercial waste stream.

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The historical opacity and variability of development fees across jurisdictions are widely believed to be significant factors inhibiting more housing construction in the state and pushing housing costs higher. My take on what Engel says is this:.

Hazardous Materials and Medical Waste The Imperial County Environmental Health participates on the Imperial County Hazardous Emergency Assistance Team (HEAT) in providing health and safety expertise in the containment.

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Jun 04,  · HAZARDS AND HAZARDOUS MATERIALS PLACEWORKS hazardous materials or a mixture containing hazardous materials must establish and implement a business plan if the hazardous material is handled in certain quantities.

The Fresno County General Plan. 5. Tulare County and Kern County Ag Detectives worked jointly in the recovery of a large amount of grape packaging materials from an illicit fruit packing business in Kern County.

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Two dead in hazmat situation at Motel 6 in Fresno, CA | The Fresno Bee